Myleene Klass topless

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  Myleene's Klass topless Webcam slut?

Now that the popstars identity has been revealed and their future band name (Hear'Say')has been leaked, in only a matter of days have their sordid past been revealed to the press... Kym is a mother of two, but more interesting to the one handed surfer type, lovely Myleene Klass was once a member of the doll's house - Bravo's smutty version of big brother. Of course, there are lots of pictures! myleene isn't nude in any of them, but the pictures are definitely more revealing than anything you've seen on the telly so far. However there is a picture of Myleene Topless

Her Dolls House bio: 

Date of Birth:

How would you describe yourself? 
Luvverly little doll! 

Whatís your idea of fun? 
Doing anything new or exciting that makes me laugh. 

Why did you want to be in The Dollsí House? 
Great publicity. Great new inventive idea that I wanted to be part of. Great fun! 

Was the audition scary? (The girls had to be interviewed on camera and devise and perform a mini-play!) 
Not at all. 

Do you do any other work? 
Yes - musician, vocalist (CD out soon!), acting, modeling. 

Whatís the most appealing thing about you? 
Thereís never a dull moment (or a quiet one) with me around. 


More Pics Here
'It has to be said that Myleene was probably the only one in the band with any musical talent' - Guysworld

When are you most likely to be at home? 
I will vary the days Iím in and out of the house. 

What drinks do you like? 
Baileys, Champagne and strawberries. 

Can we send you stuff? What would you like? 
Absolutely! Chocs, diamonds (I wish), flowers, clothes, cheques for a million dollars, Coco Chanel, film/vocal/music contract. 

Do you have any tattoos or piercings and if so, what are they of? 
Sorry, none. Boring! 

What sort of things will you be getting up to in your room? 
You know the address, why not take a look. 

Who would you most like to access the Bravo web site, sit back and watch you in your room? 
Leo. Are you out there, darling? 

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